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Manage the available money properly

The salary came in, you paid your mortgage (or rent), food, bills, entertainment, and even put aside a monthly amount to save for an emergency. And yet, there is money in the current account. So what should you do with the money left over at the end of each month and how do you avoid […]

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange marks 2020 with a record in new issues: How exactly does this happen in a global crisis?

The year 2020, which will of course be remembered as the year of the corona, will also be quite surprisingly remembered as a successful year on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, among other things in light of the number of new companies issued in the past year. And this complex? Before we dive into the […]

This is probably one of the biggest effects that the corona crisis will leave behind

One of the salient trends under the auspices of the corona crisis is the significant increase in the volume of online purchases worldwide. What started as a hesitant move to order food delivery so as not to reach the neighborhood supermarket, has become a global trend across age, gender and sector The effects of the […]

What led the chip stock to an all-time high?

The chip industry has performed well in recent years, surpassing the performance of leading U.S. indices, such as the Nasdaq and the S & P500. What effects did the corona crisis have on the industry and what is expected going forward? How can I summarize the last year for the shares of the chip industry? […]