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Richard Touil news Capital – Since our establishment in 1996 until today, we have successfully marketed more than 6,500 housing units in dozens of projects throughout Israel, thanks to a methodology developed since the company’s inception that combines creativity, mental flexibility, commitment to our customers, curiosity and love for the profession. We build successful real estate brands for our clients, and conduct effective and efficient marketing in accordance with the marketing goals defined by them, while creating a maximum return on investment in marketing.

Vision and values

We at Dera believe that the foundations on which success stories in real estate marketing are built are our vision and values.

Our vision at Dera as a residential project marketing company is to work for the settlement in the city centers, settlements and peripheries with a deep commitment to the marketing success of the projects, the business success of our clients, and with the intention and desire to do good for families and investors who buy a home. We believe that for these reasons, we must persevere and excel, providing the most advanced and best solutions to our clients while basing our day-to-day work on the values we believe in.

Richard Touil news Capital


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